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Federation of Scottish Theatre | Web Development

FST is the development body for professional dance, opera and theatre in Scotland, bringing the sector together to speak with a collective voice, to share resources and expertise and to promote collaborative working.

Project Goals

The Federation of Scottish Theatre exists to support Scotland’s dance, opera and theatre sector. FST strives to be a world leader in artistic and management practice and aims to place dance, opera and theatre as a key component of Scotland’s civic and cultural life.

The Club was commissioned to help build marketing and organisational solutions to help FST run its day to day operations, manage it’s membership and market its offerings online.

Our Solution

The Club has created a cloud based Customer relationship management (CRM) system for FST that was created from the ground up in order to precisely cater for the organisation’s requirements in a way that an ‘off the shelf’ solution could not offer. The CRM was built and created at the same time as a completely new website that promotes the organisations offerings and achievements.

We have also completed a range of print and digital documents for FST from roll-fold leaflets to Annual Reports.


Through a close partnership with The Federation of Scottish Theatre, The club has helped the organisation achieve its vision for creating a confident and ambitious dance, opera and theatre sector in Scotland that creates work of the highest quality.

Through the creation of systems for practical organisational management and an outwardly focused marketing approach, FST has successfully helped to encourage more people to watch and participate in professional dance, opera and theatre from all communities across Scotland.

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