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Carr Gomm | Branding

Carr Gomm is a leading Scottish social care and community development charity. Thet currently support about 2,000 people every day across Scotland to live their lives safely and well according to their choices, whilst making plans to achieve their hopes and dreams for tomorrow.

Carr Gomm Logo

Project Goals

When Carr Gomm approached The Club design agency they already had a fantastic reputation in Scotland as a leading care provider. The organisation was growing and with the introduction of Self-Directed Support and a new need had arisen to present the organisation to the wider public in a way that best represented the organisations quality and expertise.

Our Solution

We helped Carr Gomm both rename and rebrand the organisation. A process for rebranding was developed that allowed all stakeholders, people who use the service and employees to be involved in key decisions along the way. This was achieved through regional events and a dedicated website that allowed people to vote for their favourite designs.


Since developing a consistent voice and ambition for the organisation, growth in Scotland has been exponential. The vast range of services offered by Carr Gomm and the professional approach has also seen a huge growth in its recruitment. The staff extranet that The Club helped develop has meant that everything from governance to health and safety training is available no matter the users geographical location.

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“Their expertise in rebranding and their guidance has helped us to find ways to communicate better internally and externally.  It was a job very well done.”
Lucy Wren
Chief Executive at Carr Gomm