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The Club works with new brands that are just climbing from the primordial ooze into existence, but also reviews and develops existing ones to make sure they’re still fit for purpose, and representing the organisation as it grows.

Brand positioning, brand strategy and company vision inevitably evolves over time and communicating this in a visual way can result in dynamic growth and increased profitability, or in the case of a charitable organisation, increased trust or emotional connection. Crafting a visual identity that is led by insight & positioned correctly to resonate with your audience is crucial, enabling you to stand out from the crowd and achieve your organisational goals.

The Club will develop a core understanding of your organisation and your audience. This information will guide our design concepts and the development of your brand. This process usually ends in the creation of brand guidelines that make up a comprehensive toolkit from fonts to tone of voice to help you present yourself in a consistent and strategic way.

Logos & Branding

A brand is not just a logo. A logo on its own cannot change or establish public opinion. The experiences of individuals who come into contact with an organisation give a brand real association and meaning. The brand distinguishes an organisation from its competition by reflecting visually the activities, values, vision, character or attributes which best represent the organisation. Much more than a visual identity, it is an organisation’s personality.

We help establish a robust visual system that includes a consistent voice, style, graphic motif, typography and colour palette. Understanding your organisation allows us to deliver a brand that seamlessly extends across all communication channels.

By ensuring that all brand communications are carefully considered and based on a pre-defined business and design strategy, we ensure that your brand is perceived in a positive, appropriate and pre-determined manner to suit your target market.

We’ll help you launch your new or refreshed identity across all your marketing channels ensuring consistency and continuity from the outset. Working with completely new brands, or developing your existing identity, we can help you make the most of your visual identity.

Brand Look Book or Brand Identity Guidelines

We ensure that your brand and logo are supported by strong guidelines to ensure it’s future as part of a much larger effort to build awareness, understanding and preference for your organisation above the competition.

Brand Guidelines or brand look books, style guides, however you want to call them, is a guide to how your organisation communicates to its customer base. It sets out fundamental rules and guides about the business principles, ethos, the logo, colour palette, typography, imagery, photography, visual device, advertisement, stationery and wording. It acts as a flexible yet robust guide, helping you develop and maintain a strong personality to your brand that will appeal and resonate with your intended audience.

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